Conquering the world,
one design at a time

Howdy! My name is Zaeem Raja, I’m a Graphic Designer from Montréal who’s always ready to tackle any new design related project that comes my way. (or that I can get my hands on mwahaha!!!) As surprising and mind blowing as it may sound, I am indeed majoring in Graphic & Web Design from John Abbott College in 2024. My goal is pretty simple: Taking over the world with my design army!

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Step into my graphic design print portfolio, where creativity reigns supreme and each piece is a weapon of visual domination. Posters command attention, imprinting their message on every passerby. Business cards wield influence, leaving an indelible mark on every handshake. Envelopes? They’re more than carriers; they’re the intrigue that precedes greatness. With these elements, I’m not just designing—I’m plotting a visual revolution that will conquer the world, one stunning print at a time.


Welcome to my web portfolio—a playground of digital mastery. Website mockups that redefine user experience, digital illustrations breathing life into pixels, and 3D models that transcend imagination. These aren’t just elements; they’re the building blocks of a digital revolution. With these creations, I’m not just designing; I’m architecting a future where innovation reigns supreme, one digital masterpiece at a time.

Want to join me in world domination?
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